A death in the community.

Yesterday, I was in the unfortunate position of performing CPR on a total stranger in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. He and his friends were enjoying the hot sunny day with summertime hangs and watermelon in the park. They all got high together but he never woke up.
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illustrated image of soapbox

On writing content in 2015

Innovation can be a tricky thing. It comes with opportunities but reveals inadequacies, creating a greater gap in the ideal state and the current reality of a situation. Collectively embracing this ideal as a culture is recommended and ultimately necessary in order to achieve a significant leap forward in innovation, but too great a disruption will cost time and money, especially for small t0 medium-sized businesses.

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iBusiness: The Web Wired World

I’ll be co-hosting the next Mountbatten Speaker Series with Sian Williams next week. Join us on January 18 at The CUNY Graduate Center (365 Fifth Avenue) as we welcome three guest panelists from the world of technology.
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