Georgia is a conversational agent able to lead its users on a real-world tour of Vancouver’s Chinatown. Built on Google’s API.AI machine learning (ML) platform based on natural language understanding (NPU), Georgia is a proof-of-concept tour guide with a social conscience.

Designed to be an instant chat companion, Georgia is the ideal handheld real world tour guide. The combination of API.AI and Skype allows for rich mobile responses through imagery, visual link previews and interactive tap answers. Georgia’s service-oriented performance means the agent is designed to impart high-level information and knowledge about Chinatown and its history but also provides a deeper localized perspective and awareness of marginalization, poverty and gentrification that only long-term residents see. Georgia’s familiar service-oriented approach allows the chatbot to maintain a sociable and approachable demeanour while its criticality and awareness lay in the way language is used.

Animated screen of Georgia chat screen