PuSh Festival donor interviews

Two hour edit challenge and the Sony a7r

It had been about 10 years since I last shot or edited any video when I produced these videos.

Camera hardware and editing software had come a long way since my university days, and I had just picked up the newly released Sony a7r. As a one of the better full-frame mirrorless cameras at the time, I wanted to see what kind of footage it could produce.

I set up a personal challenge to churn out videos very quick and on the fly. I recorded audio on my iPhone as a back up as the built-in microphone was predictably average. Though, it was much better than I had expected. Investing in an external microphone would be a great idea for future interviews.

Here are two very brief videos I edited in a couple of hours while I familiarized myself with the new toy, and dusted off the editing cobwebs.

I had shot 1:45 minutes of footage with Roberta, and only 1:13 minutes with Richard. Each video was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 within only 2 hours. Not a bad feat for not having edited in a while.

Client: PuSh International Performing Arts Festival