Right now, I’m reading a lot about postphenomenology (mostly the influential work of Don Ihde) and tangentially-related, artificial intelligence ethics papers (more to come on the latter). I’ve also included non-HCI texts like the graphic novel I’m reading because it’s nice to break up your reading list sometimes. 🙂

  • Ihde, D. (2008). Introduction: Postphenomenological Research. Human Studies, 31(1), 1–9.
  • Rosenberger, R., & Verbeek, P.-P. (2015). A field guide to postphenomenology. Postphenomenological Investigations: Essays on Human-Technology Relations, 9–42.
  • Facebook artificial intelligence spots suicidal users by Leo Kelion (BBC)
  • Burns, C. (2008), Black Hole, Pantheon Graphic Novels – reminds me of a less scary Uzumaki by Junji Ito