My dystopian machine vision / glitch work,, is on display as part of a larger piece called “Witnessing” from our SIAT collective cMAS (criticalmediatstudio). “Witnessing” is on display at the Under Supervision Exhibit, AHVA Gallery, Audain Art Centre, University of British Columbia from March 8th – April 1st 2017.

Witnessing brings together three systems developed by SIAT students Jo Shin, Frederico Machuca and Xavier Wu, and was curated by Dr. Hannah Turner and Dr. Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda. Originally conceived of as a response to the New Media Gallery’s recent exhibit Witness; the three media projects in Witnessing draw on the theoretical concepts of machine vision, materiality, bureaucracy, and surveillance. Jo Shin’s interactive computer selfie project, “” raises questions about the human participant’s anticipation and desire to communicate online through a selfie exchange with a computer program. Frederico Machuca’s project, “Human Memory Database” invites the viewer to browse a disorientating potential future database of human memories. “Sentinel 002”, by Xavier Wu, is a video work that shows what an artificially intelligent system might conclude if it were watching and analyzing the content of human expression online. The accompanying Zine conceptualizes the analog versions of each project. The exhibit features four other international artists, and will run until April 1st. See the Facebook event page for more details.

Send your selfies to to be a part of the exhibition!