Headshot of Jo Shin

Hi, I’m Jo. I’m a User Researcher based in Vancouver, Canada. I conduct research using methods like usability studies, A/B testing, surveys, interviews, ethnographic fieldwork and more. I analyze data and interpret findings using frameworks to solve how 🤷🏻‍♀️ and why 🤦🏻‍♀️ questions. I collaborate with engineers, designers and product owners to refine problems and produce solutions.

Another big part of my job is education – I work with teams to make user research accessible. Research doesn’t have to be dry or boring, instead, I bring users to life by creating empathy and building bridges between users and technology makers.

I love enabling people through technology. I’m driven by a desire to make sense of users and more importantly, to empower users by anticipating their needs and supporting their goals.

Community-building is something that’s very important to me. Outside of the office, I’ve advocated for marginalized communities as a co-founder/organizer of TechInColour, a community hub for underrepresented people of colour in tech, served on the boards of two anti-poverty sister non-profits – Megaphone Magazine and Hope in Shadows, and I’ve volunteered my Korean language skills for a local queer film festival.