Other Homes is an ongoing body of research at Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts + Technology about unconventional living environments. What can HCI design researchers learn about homes by exploring other kinds of homes (e.g. living in boats, vans and collective houses)? This work expands the way researchers think about, approach and design for all homes.


Building on multiple studies based in the field including my own masters’ thesis, an ethnography about collective living (i.e. where a group of strangers come together to share and form an intentional community in one house), I worked as a Research Assistant at the Everyday Design Studio on this unique project. We analyzed qualitative data to reconceptualize domestic spaces in creative and inclusive ways. I hope to share more news about this research soon – so stay tuned!


Other Homes has and continues to publish academic work within the HCI design space. A publication based on my graduate research is forthcoming in Spring/Summer 2019.


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